Help Small Businesses Grow

Small Businesses employ 120 million Americans; more than 50% of working Americans today. Encourage them to hire and expand by allowing them to write off new plants and equipment at a faster rate than Big Business. A permanent accelerated depreciation

Encourage Companies to Provide Health Insurance

Employers’ costs of providing health insurance are increasing. Under ObamaCare forces employers to a.) cut its workforce; b.) reduce employees’ hours or c.) just pay the fine and force employees onto Exchanges. Encourage employers to hire and insure their employees

Require Elected Officials to Do their Jobs

The last time the Senate Majority brought a Budget Resolution to the Floor of the Senate was 2009. Cut Congressional and Senators’ pay 20% for one year if a budget does not pass both houses on time. If you didn’t

Government Waste

The purpose of government may be to serve us but the nature of government now is to serve itself. There is no clearer evidence of this than in how government spends the money it takes from us. Government programs no

The Constitution and Your Privacy

The Bill of Rights is important and the time has come to remind politicians that the executive branch does not have the unfettered right to intercept, store and read our emails and text messages. Require that any law enforcement agency

Secure the Border

We can’t even have a debate on immigration when our border is a free for all for human traffickers, drug smugglers and an easy way in for potential terrorists. It makes no sense for the federal government to frisk infants

Stop Funding Terrorism

It is a fact that terrorism is directly or indirectly funded by oil purchases from the Middle East. Those that would do us harm are dependent on the proceeds of oil exports. It is a fact that while technologies on