Government Waste

The purpose of government may be to serve us but the nature of government now is to serve itself. There is no clearer evidence of this than in how government spends the money it takes from us. Government programs no matter how wasteful or ridiculous almost never die because they always benefit a politician or powerful interest group. The cost to build the website was $2.1 billion and counting. One can be sure that politics played a part in some of sillier examples of government waste such as Nevada Brothels receiving $17.5 million in tax exemptions, and a $325,000 National Institute for Health funded study that found wives would be happier if they calmed down faster whilst arguing with their husbands; and a $385,000 study of duck penises at Yale University.


The above are only a few of the more outrageous examples of government existing- and spending to serve itself.


Put an end to this with a government waste commission that is free from the unfortunate habit of politicians to buy favors and please donors with a commission like BRAC that managed the realignment of America’s military bases.